Smutty Fic Locations



So @ktrosesworld and @lunaseemoony were playing an impromptu game of how many smutty fic locations we could come up with. We came up with a pretty good list. And since we both want these read we figure we might as well post them. So while everyoneā€™s writing some smutty fics, consider throwing in some fun locations as well. šŸ˜‰

  • Against a wall
  • On a rug
  • On the floor
  • In the shower/tub
  • In a chair
  • In a car
  • In the pool or a hot tub
  • In the sea or at the beach
  • In the kitchen (so many places in the kitchenā€¦)
  • In a closet
  • BackstageĀ 
  • In the park
  • In the pantry or kitchen of a restaurant
  • In the coat room of a theatre
  • In the cinema
  • In a changing room
  • On a ferris wheel
  • In a pillow fort
  • In a bush or tree
  • In a meadow of flowers
  • On a train or plane
  • Beneath the stars
  • Beside a fire
  • In a cave
  • In a bouncy castle
  • In a hot air balloonĀ 
  • In a row boat
  • In a botanic garden
  • In a museum after it closes
  • On a space stationĀ 
  • In the ruins of a city
  • In a castleĀ 
  • on the photocopier
  • in a snow fort
  • infront of the fireplace
  • on a trampoline
  • in a zero gravity room


Lone Digger- Caravan Palace

For something that started out as a complete mess, Iā€™m pretty happy how it turned out in the end. Feels good. Heres the song. Its a lil nsfw with blood and boob so yea~


Blue girls*Ā